What is an executive chauffeur?

An executive chauffeur is employed to transport dignitaries and business professionals to meetings, restaurants, social events and various essential destinations. Executive chauffeurs also cater to the transport needs of government leaders and influential or wealthy individuals who are always in a hurry to get to their respective destinations.

By nature, an executive chauffeur is a professional driver that either works for a private individual, a corporation or a government agency. Also, some work for private limousine companies whilst the others are self-employed.

Executive chauffeur vs. Private driver

An executive chauffeur is commonly confused with a private driver. This is because they both drive vehicles and take charge of delivering clients from one place to another. However, their duties technically differ in several aspects. The major ones are the following.

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What does an executive chauffeur do?

Aside from driving, an executive chauffeur has other responsibilities that might include running errands, taking charge of handling the clients’ luggage and ensuring that the vehicles used for client transport are clean and in good running condition at all times. Also, executive chauffeurs usually do the following duties, depending on their employers.

Why hire an executive chauffeur?

Hiring an executive chauffeur is a preferred option because it offers a long list of benefits that the clients need when travelling. The most common of these benefits include the following.

Characteristics of an excellent executive chauffeur

An excellent executive chauffeur possesses the following characteristics.

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