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Only when elements perfectly align, can the truly miraculous occur. The Rolls Royce Phantom stands powerful and beautiful, being the purest expression of Rolls Royce. Upon first glance, it is hard to not see the phantom for its dramatic and stylish poise, giving the feeling of royalty and importance; an image of presidential flair in contrast with the mafia feeling, this luxury car is one of kind for the emotions it draws out just on looks alone.

Interior Features

As you sit inside the Phantom, you look up and see stars, signifying the limitless beauty of what the Rolls Royce Phantom has to offer you, with simulated shooting stars and 1536 individually placed sparkling fibre-optic lights that can all be controlled by the users setting your own alignment into any bespoke graphic pattern to set the mood. TV monitors behind the headrests of the seats in front to further add to the luxury of sitting inside a Rolls Royce, no compromise was made in setting the theme of extravagance. If you so choose to be driven in this car, you have the luxury of absolute privacy by fully isolating the passenger rear seats from the front with a touch of a button, to turn the fully transparent glass that separates the two sections of the car, to make it totally opaque, and frequency specific insulation that maintained levels of acoustic separation ensuring any discussion reach only your ears, allowing you to fully indulge yourself in absolute privacy.






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Premium Elegance

Rolls Royce is famous for its style and identity, bringing out the elegance in what an automobile can be in the most innovative of ways. This contemporary design of the Rolls Royce Phantom stays true to the Rolls Royce’s wheel to roof 2:1 body ratio that really makes it pleasurable to look at, seeing it fit so perfectly together pleasing the eyes with its golden ratio, signature design. The wide front dominating the road as it drives with its iconic Rolls Royce front Grille make the Phantom impossible to go unnoticed. With every angle and curve accounted for, it’s hard to neglect the fine, meticulous craftsmanship that has gone into making the Rolls Royce Phantom. The most iconic thing of all, along with the sharp, stylish and shiny headlights, is the crown jewel of the car that represents its elegance, the Spirit of Ecstasy, sitting on the hood of the Phantom on full display for all to star in awe.

The Rolls Royce Phantom stands powerful and beautiful, being the purest expression of Rolls Royce.



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