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The Rolls Royce Ghost Series III is an ultra-luxury sedan that Iconic Limousine uses to transport the company’s wealthy and executive clients who value luxury even when travelling.

The Ghost Series III is marketed as a five-passenger luxury sedan with a longer wheelbase. It is propelled by a 6.6-litre V12 engine mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission that sends the power to the rear wheels of the vehicle.

This luxury sedan also features a panoramic sunroof, air suspension and adaptive LED headlights that further make the ride quality of the Ghost III Series nearly unbeatable.

The worlds most smoothest car, it is like a magic carpet ride.
No matter the occasion travelling in our Ghost is the ultimate experience in Luxury, Styling and Comfort.

Interior Features

The Rolls Royce Ghost Series III is an ultra-refined, elegant and comfortable ultra-luxury sedan. It displays full leather-upholstered seats, a centre console, and instrument and door panels.

The Ghost Series III is regarded as one of the premier vehicles included in the Iconic Limousine fleet. The sedan boasts of its massaging front seats, Wi-Fi, 10.3-inch display and navigation system. It is also available with the optional cooler in the rear seat designed for champagne flutes and two champagne bottles.

Only Rolls Royce can provide the unique hand crafted luxurious comfort leather seating, combined with opulent wood trim to provide a decadent interior.






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Safety Features

The Rolls Royce Ghost Series III is not just an ultra-luxury vehicle. It is also among the safest in its class. The sedan is equipped with standard anti-lock brakes and stability control that helps prevent the driver from losing control of the vehicle.

In addition to its elegant appearance, the Ghost Series III’s cabin can also provide the car occupants with the needed safety during a collision. It comes with front-impact, side-impact, overhead and knee airbags.

The Rolls Royce Ghost Series III also has seatbelt pre-tensioners that automatically tighten and place the car occupants into the best seating position in case of collision. It is equipped with a security system that anticipates or detect vehicle intrusion. Moreover, Rolls Royce Ghost Series III comes with a device that disables the ignition and prevents the engine from starting unless the vehicle’s original key is used.

Our Ghost is fitted with in car entertainment, listen to digital radio, watch TV or stream your own music via bluetooth at your pleasure.

The silence from the inside of our Ghost provides you with a peaceful and comfortable trip. Our professional Chauffeurs provide the finest experience every time.

Perfect for any occasion, weddings, corporate events, sporting events or a romantic evening. Iconic Limousines have your Luxury Rolls Royce needs covered.

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