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The Mercedes Benz S500L is a large yet lightweight limousine. The limo, which is currently sold in its 11th reiteration, comes with fresh styling, a more fuel-efficient yet able engine and a long list of new technology.

The Mercedes Benz S500L belongs to its S-Class lineup, which is known for its barrage of luxury features. The S500L is also one of the carmaker’s low-volume models. Thus, the vehicle offers more exclusivity, making it a very qualified executive and luxury limousine.

If you expect the very best you cannot pass the S Class. The S500 provides style, comfort, safety and luxury arriving in style to any occasion or event chosen by royalty and world leaders.

Interior Features

The interior features of the Mercedes Benz S500L are among the limousine’s strong points. The vehicle’s cabin is dominated by gentle curves and sweeps that provide an exquisite appearance. Its dash houses two huge colour screens. The first one displays the trip computer, warnings and instruments. The other one is the infotainment system designed to provide the car occupants with first-class entertainment.

The Mercedes Benz S500L is a must-have when it comes to space and comfort. The front and rear seats are plush and soft. They are equipped with huge headrests with bed-like plushness. Also, the seats offer more legroom. The limo also features an electronic adjustment system that allows the seats to be adjusted, slid and angled the way the passengers want them.

Our S Class provides the ultimate in ambience and comfort, enjoy the quietest and smoothest ride from Mercedes Benz's flagship limousine






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Mercedez Benz S500L
Mercedes Benz S500L

Safety Features

The Mercedes Benz S500L is among the safest limos on the street. It is equipped with nine airbags that guarantee the driver and occupants’ safety in case of collision. During the last update, Mercedes has boosted the S500L’s safety driving feature by incorporating the self-steering mechanism, blind-spot warning and auto braking into the vehicle’s system. On top of that, the exterior capability of the limo is strengthened to absorb force during a collision, and stability control is also installed in it.

Our S Class models are fitted with in car entertainment, listen to digital radio, watch TV or stream your own music via bluetooth at your pleasure.

Whilst enjoying a hot or cold beverage in the S Class, you have your own temperature control to keep you comfortable.

Enjoy privacy from the outside world in the S Class with privacy shades and relax knowing your are safe from the outside world.



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