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The Mercedes-Maybach S-Class hire car exudes power, exclusivity, and distinction. It sits in the top five most luxurious car marques along with Rolls-Royce and Bentley hire cars. Whilst the exterior is stylish but modest, the Maybach S-Class is a favourite for luxury chauffeur hire in other countries outside of Australia.
The Maybach S-Class has been designed to ensure its passengers experience one of the most relaxing and luxurious environments available today, while your chauffeur takes care of the drive for you. Although it comes with a list of luxuries which are included as standard, the Maybach S-Class is a discreet chauffeur-hire choice, perfect for business trips or airport drop-offs.

Interior Features

Whilst the outside is perfectly discreet, the interior instantly reflects the cars retail price, which starts at around $450k. The finest quality hand-stitched leather massage seats offer the perfect place to unwind after a long flight, reclining to allow for a comfortable journey, no matter how you feel. Not only can the heat and lighting be controlled by the click of a button, the passengers even have the option to choose a fragrance which suits the mood. Wireless charging, voice control and an extensive infotainment system also come as standard, so you can spend your time taking calls, working or fully relaxing in an advanced environment.






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Hand Built Luxury

The outside is powerful and striking, a dynamic status symbol without ever feeling like too much. Hand-built and finished in Germany by an expert team of designers and engineers, the Maybach S-Class hire car reaches a level of perfection that most car marques can’t come close to. Maybach have been making cars for the elite for over a century and the S-Class is the perfect blend of timeless class and state of the art technology, fitting perfectly into modern life. If you’re looking to hire a chauffeur in Sydney for an understated event entrance or to meet a client, the Maybach S-Class is an excellent choice.

The Maybach S-Class hire car reaches a level of perfection that most car marques can’t come close to.



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