Luxury Limo Hire Sydney:
What Is It?

Luxury limo hire is a highly professional and in-demand industry in Sydney. It is a service that involves offering limousines for rent to clients who need them. Many people believe that the service is consisted of offering large luxury vehicles for rent, but it’s not. For countries like Germany, Canada, the United States and Australia, this means hiring a car and its driver.

The luxury limo service in Sydney and other parts of the globe was previously exclusive to wealthy businessmen and foreign dignitaries. The service is sought to keep these individuals safe and comfortable when travelling to other places. 

But over the years, limo hire eventually became available to individuals, families, groups and companies who could afford the costs involved. These limousines are hired to keep their travels safe, comfortable, convenient and private in most cases.

Limo service in Sydney: What are the commonly used vehicle types?

A majority of the companies engaged in the chauffeur service in Sydney maintain a fleet of vehicles used for limo hire. These fleets are typically made up of automobiles designed to provide occupants with the quality ride they deserve. Currently, the most common types of vehicles used in this service include the following.

  1. Luxury Sedan
    1. Luxury sedans are considered the most appropriate cars for clients who prefer to be transported alone or as pairs. This is because they can come with interior space which is suited only for one or two occupants.


      Luxury sedans are also regarded as the top choice of many chauffeur service clients because they look elegant inside out. When viewed outside, they look upscale. A premium-looking interior naturally complements the exterior’s desirable persona, along with a long list of comfort features that make every journey on board the vehicle a memorable experience.

    1. An elite SUV is another commonly used vehicle type on most of the limo hire fleets in Sydney. Elite SUVs are known for the luxurious features offered by luxury sedans. However, the vehicle is a top option for clients who prefer cars with additional interior space and a more sturdy and bulkier exterior build. 

      Elite SUVs are commonly used to transport 2-4 clients without the need to compromise the level of safety and comfort provided to them. Many limousines for hire clients who want to remain comfortable yet low-profile also consider elite SUVs as their vehicle of choice because they look upscale but not much of a head-turner.

  3. Spacious MPV
    1. A spacious MPV is a popular option for many limo service clients, especially those who prefer to travel in small groups or with their families. The MPVs used by limo for hire in Sydney typically come with elite-looking exteriors, upscale interiors and spacious cabins ideal for 5-6 occupants.

  4. Ultra-luxury Car
    1. Ultra-luxury cars are commonly reserved for clients like wealthy businessmen and foreign dignitaries. These vehicles are dispatched to transport VIPs because they are usually equipped with exclusive features that their passengers need. Technically, most ultra-luxury cars are larger, more powerful and safer. 

      To cater to clients who require added security, many ultra-luxury cars used for transport are bullet-proofed and equipped with ballistic glass. These are also driven by chauffeurs with law enforcement backgrounds and can provide the clients with the physical protection they might need. 

  5. Premium Minibus
    1. A premium minibus is utilised for large group transports. This type of vehicle offers an extensive amount of interior space suited for a large number of passengers. On top of that, a premium minibus has a long list of comfort features and upscale amenities bundled together to provide the vehicle occupants with a travelling ambience similar to what a luxury sedan does.

Limo hire prices: How much does luxury limo hire cost?

Limo hire prices constantly change. This is because many factors impact the cost of running a luxury limo service. As a result, knowing the actual rates charged to customers might not be that easy. If you’re going to book a limo hire in Sydney, it’s best to ask about the cost during your booking call.

Factors affecting the limo hire prices

Limo prices usually go up and down because of various factors. To provide the best pricing, limo hire companies usually consider the following factors.

  • Type of vehicle hired

The type of vehicle hired dramatically affects the price that the clients are paying. Luxury sedans are typically more affordable compared to ultra-luxury cars. This is because the hiring cost depends on the number of available luxury amenities and the level of safety or security that the vehicle provides. The vehicle’s size and interior space are ALSO taken into account when formulating limo hire prices.


  • Renting duration

The actual rent duration of the vehicle is also another factor that affects limo hire prices. Limousines are commonly hired hourly, and almost all chauffeur service companies set a specific number of renting hours for their vehicles. In most cases, luxury sedans can be hired for a minimum of one hour, while the other types can be rented for a minimum of 2-3 hours. Finally, corporate, point-to-point and airport pickup services can be hired at a fixed rate.

  • Distance

The distance covered by the hired limo directly contributes to the amount that clients are paying. Travels that involve longer distances are more expensive than shorter ones. 


  • Discounts and other privileges

To attract more customers, companies usually provide discounts, especially to first-time clients. On the other hand, established limo service companies offer automatic discounts to repeat and long-time customers. These significantly affect limo hire prices.

Disclaimer: These prices are estimates and might change anytime.

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